Invention Convention


The Center for Excellence in STEM Education has partnered with The Henry Ford Museum and the Michigan Invention Convention to offer students in the central Michigan area an opportunity to participate in a regional convention.

With the help of their teachers, parents, and Center staff members to identify a need they'd like to meet or a problem they want to solve.  From there, students research and began developing a plan for their invention. The culminating event of Invention Convention is a science-fair style exhibition for makers!   

Students lead the process with their curiosity and inventions. Teachers oversee their group of students and provide guidance along the way. Center staff are a continued resource and teachers can schedule a virtual field trip at any point in the process.

Who Can Participate?

Teachers and register individual classes, grade-bands, or after-school clubs. If your school is not involved in Invention Convention, we are also able to register individuals and assign them to a mentor!
To learn about registering your child, please contact Julie Cunningham at

student presenting to peers and adults. Showing a 3D object with a poster

Participating Schools for 2019-2020

For this inaugural regional convention, The Center partnered with the following schools.  If you are interested in learning more about the Invention Convention and/or collaborating with The Center on other opportunities, please contact us here

The work of the Center for Excellence in STEM Education is generously supported in part by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.