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Student Employment Opportunities

Congratulations on taking the initiative to explore student positions within the Office of Residence Life. We believe that student positions are great opportunities for you to enhance skills, experience personal growth, and become truly engaged with the campus as you pursue your degree at Central Michigan University. Carefully read the job descriptions below, which include the qualifications you will need to have your application considered. Thank you again for your interest. Best of luck!

To apply for a Resident Assistant, Inclusion Assistant, or Community Council Advisor position, please visit and click on job postings.

Please contact Doug Kendrick, Assistant Director of Residence Life at 989-774-1974 or with your questions.

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Resident and Inclusion Assistant

The Resident Assistant at Central Michigan University is an upper-class student who lives on the floor/apartment community to serve as the primary resource for building community and fostering student learning and growth. The objectives of the RA position include: building a positive community on their floor and within the building; assisting residents with both personal and academic concerns; helping residents connect with each other and CMU; being an educator by promoting and supporting intentional learning through our residential curriculum, Learning in Community; knowledge of and upholding University policy; and serving as a resource and/or liaison for the University. Paraprofessional staff play an important role in helping Residence Life achieve our educational priority, so that as a result of living on campus, residents will become empowered citizens who responsibly impact their communities.

Resident Assistant Full Job Description

An Inclusion Assistant at Central Michigan University is a current student (sophomore status or above) who is a live-in paraprofessional staff member for the Office of Residence Life and works collaboratively to support our Educational Priority; As a result of living on campus, students will become empowered citizens who responsibly impact their communities. In addition to enhancing the support of students with underrepresented/marginalized identities, the role of an Inclusion Assistant is to educate community members on topics of equity and justice and to bridge campus resources and partnerships.

Inclusion Assistant Full Job Description

November's recorded Prospective Staff meeting

Resident Assistant Application Deadline: Friday, January 22

Inclusion Assistant Application Deadline: Monday, January 18

Application and Selections Process

Candidate Timeline

Free Agent Status

Frequently Asked Questions

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Desk Opportunities

Working at the front desk is one of the best ways to get involved in your residence hall community, meet other students, and make money at the same time. Each residence hall desk is staffed by students who live in the residence hall(s) served by that desk. Further questions can be directed to the Residence Hall Director who supervises that desk.

CCA - Community Council Advisor

The Community Council Advisor position at Central Michigan University will focus on supporting and enhancing on campus students’ opportunities for leadership and success. Primary responsibilities focus on meeting with the Residence Hall Director daily and working on a weekly basis with the RHD in advising hall councils and executive boards. Applications for Fall 2021 positions are due on January 22, 2021.

CCA Position Description