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Lead Paint Notification

There is a legal mandate based on an EPA law passed in April 2010, that testing for lead paint occur in apartment housing built before 1978.  The rationale is that paint produced and applied after 1978 was non-lead based paint, because lead based paint was banned at that time.  The Nova Environmental inspection team was hired to test painted surfaces applied before 1978 in the university apartments. The tool they used to determine the presence of lead can analyze almost ten layers of paint.

Northwest Apartments had two components that were considered positive for lead:  all interior and exterior window components (including apartment and common area windows) and most painted concrete ceilings. There were not any components that contained lead based paint in Kewadin Village.

It is our legal obligation to notify the residents/potential residents that there is lead based paint present.  The EPA has a pamphlet that will satisfy this requirement. Visit the EPA website to access a downloadable copy of the brochure. ​For a copy of the complete report, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 989-774-7398 or visit Smith Hall 103.​