In the Army, it's Mission First, People Always.

As an Army Command Sergeant Major​, my number one mission was people.  That mission is no different here at the Veterans' Resource Center.  I and all of the staff of the VRC, are here to help you make the most of your educational journey.  If there is anything that the VRC can do to make the tools and opportunity to excel in your studies available, we are here to make it happen.

Duane C. Kleinhardt, CSM (USA, Retired) - Director, Veterans' Resource Center

My journey at CMU was enhanced and fully supported by numerous CMU staff and faculty as well as my fellow students. Their individual and collective support played a significant role in helping me reach my goals. That support started with the Veterans’ Resource Center by developing relationships with other veterans. Those relationships led to involvement in activities outside the classroom with other students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole. These collective experiences provided numerous opportunities to improve my overall skill set while pursuing my academic goals.

My philosophy for student success is simple. Immerse yourself in the academic experience; ask for help as needed; seek out leadership opportunities; and work hard to establish as many positive relationships as possible while you pursue your academic goals. Welcome to CMU, good luck with your studies, and go Chippewas!

Steve Rellinger, BS in Business Administration – 1985, MA in Counseling – 1996
Inaugural Director, Veterans’ Resource Center

“When troops run alone, they don’t run as far or as fast. When troops run in formation, everybody keeps pace; everybody finishes. The mission is clear: cross the stage on graduation day.”

GEN Eric Shinseki, Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs​​