Retrieving DD-214 in eBenefits

​​If a veteran has a premium eBenefits account at , he or she would be able to retrieve military records, to include a DD-214 through eBenefits.  If the veteran does not have an eBenefits account or a premium one, he or she can contact the VA at 1-800-827-1000, and receive assistance on how to create an account.

First, select Manage and then select Documents and Records




Second, the Access Your Documents and Records screen will appear.


Next, select Military Personnel File.





Third, the What is DPRIS?  screen will appear.


Then, select Request Your OMPF Information.






Fourth, the DPRIS—U.S. Government Information System Notification screen will appear.


Next, select Accept.





Fifth, the Request Your OMPF Information screen will appear.




Once your DD-214 has been retrieved into eBenefits, you will receive an email notification.



Finally, you will log back into eBenefits and go to the DPRIS section by following the first four steps given above.



Then, you will select View Your Retrieved OMPF Information.






Again, you will Accept the conditions.



Your Retrieved OMPF Information will appear.



Your DD-214(s) Will appear, allowing you to print and save as a PDF document.