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Submit your app and you could earn up to $8,250 a year in scholarships. Once you're here, you'll build your résumé with real career experiences.  

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Earn up to $8,250 a year in merit scholarships

Submit your application and we'll automatically consider you for our merit awards. All you need is your GPA and an optional test score.

Are you a transfer student? We've got merit awards just for you. Find out more.

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Want more scholarships?

Each year we give out $50 million in scholarships. 

Once you're admitted, you'll be able to apply for our competitive scholarships which could earn you up to a full ride (covering all your tuition, fees, housing and food and more).

You'll also be able to apply for more scholarships from academic departments, community groups and other third parties through Scholarship Universe.

Awards for Michigan students

CMU Tuition Advantage

If you're a Michigan student whose family has an adjusted gross income and family assets of $65,000 or less, you may be able to attend CMU tuition-free with the CMU Tuition Advantage program. We will cover the cost of 30 credit hours (15 credits in the fall and 15 credits in the spring) through a combination of federal, state and institutional aid. The best part? No application necessary. Just file your FAFSA and we'll let you know if you qualify.

Michigan Achievement Scholarship

Earn up to $27,500 over five years ($5,500 per year) with the new Michigan Achievement Scholarship. If you're eligible, just apply to CMU, submit your FAFSA and make sure CMU is listed as your first-choice university. That's it!

Job experience before the job offer

Other universities want you to wait until you’re an upperclassman to get in the lab or in the field. Not us. That starts on your first day in: 

  • 227 on-campus labs
  • 44 art and performance spaces
  • 21,000+ internship opportunities across the globe

So, you'll graduate with the confidence — and the experience — to launch your career.

It's why nearly 94% of our grads are employed, engaged in volunteer programs or continuing their education within six months.

Application checklist

To apply, all you need is your GPA and your high school transcript. Test scores are optional, but they do have the potential to increase your merit award.

    Tell us a little about yourself, like where you attend high school and what you're interested in studying.

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    You may submit an unofficial transcript with your application, or ask your school counselor to send officials over. You can earn admission and a merit scholarship with either one. Prior to your enrollment, we must receive your final official high school transcripts.

    Keep us updated with new transcripts at the end of each semester. It may mean an upgrade in your scholarship!

    You don’t have to submit a test score in order to be admitted and earn a merit award.* However, you may be able to earn a higher merit award if you do submit one.

    There’s no real downside to including them, because it will only increase your merit award. We’ll never lower it. You can submit your test score with your application or any time before July 1.

    If you do choose to submit a test score, you can mark CMU as a recipient on your exam or have your official score sent to us at by requesting it through the ACT/SAT websites. (SAT code: 1106; ACT code: 1972)

    *Please note, if you are homeschooled or attend a school that does not provide grades, then an ACT or SAT score is required.

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