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We Do Digital campaign

The 2023 We Do digital campaign from Central Michigan University was built to stand out.

Advertising in higher education is notorious for aspirational clichés that are devoid of clear value to students. So instead, our campaign used humor, delivered by a relatable host, to impart a simple message – a CMU education prepares you for your career.

The result was a highly-visual campaign, built specifically for digital impact, that captured teens' attention and drove home the university's key differentiator. 

Two people in professional clothes shake hands at a conference table. A person stands in the background cheering in excitement while confetti falls.


increase in


increase in video
view completions


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site sessions


Breaking through the noise

Higher education advertising is predictable, uniform and's a "snooze-fest." That is, until our commercials hit the market.

You won't find beakers, stadiums or cluttered white boards in these commercials. The We Do campaign looks, sounds and feels unlike anything else in higher education advertising. Bucking the norms, our CMU student-host cuts right to the heart of it. 

QR code activations are used in streaming where a click is not an option.

Social and streaming (QR code version)

Social and streaming (QR code version)


Social and streaming (QR code version)

Social and streaming (QR code version)



Built for social

Who wants to watch an ad while scrolling? No one. Especially teens! By creating content that felt native to platforms like Tiktok and Instagram Reels, we stopped the scroll and encouraged students to watch our videos all the way through. We harnessed trends and cross-posted our content on both organic and paid platforms for maximum impact. 

Our host amped up the humor, edging into silliness, while still carrying our key message about job placement. We also harness the power of influencers, rare in the higher education space, to boost reach.


 Combatting banner blindness

The use of high-contrast colors and animation broke through banner blindness, regardless of platform. Our audience viewed animated messages while streaming content, surfing social media, or gaming online.

Digital ads

Digital ads



increase in
video views


increase in
click through rate


increase in
new site visitors


A mobile-first, personalized web experience 

Because over 90% of visitors to the We Do campaign landing page are mobile users, the campaign is designed mobile-first, with scannable content and interactive elements.

Messaging within the ad sets directs a personalized and consistent web experience, creating a seamless transition from ad to landing page. 

Landing Page



A student stands behind a table, wearing a blazer and maroon shirt, looking at a camera. Surrounding him are other students working on or fitting human mannikins.

Who's the host?

Our campaign didn't just tell a story about career preparedness. We lived it.

Our host, a CMU student, Michael A., provided the authenticity, humor and relatability the campaign needed to succeed. Featured in commercials, digital ads and social posts, his easy-going demeanor and high-energy delivery welcomed engagement from students. A broadcast and cinematic arts student, Michael's behind-the-scenes and on-set experience is preparing him for his future career.