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Ph.D: Yale University
MPhil: 2001, Yale University
MA: 1999, Yale University
AB: 1998, Vassar College
​​ ​Courses Taught
​• Intro to Western Art II​​
• American Art
• Art After 1​945
​• Nineteenth Century Art​​
​• European Art from 1890-1​940
• Gender & Art
• Modern Architecture​
• Seminar in Modern & Contemporary Art

• African Art                                                   

BS: 2011, Huntington University
(Digital Media Arts-Animation)

​​​​ Courses Taught: ​
• Digital Design
• Digital Animation


Chad Bierdeman is an artist and animator turned educator. He's worked in the animation industry as an animator and supervisor for several years, working on a variety of projects for major broadcasters. He has extensive experience in 2D character animation and drawn Fx animation.

BS Oklahoma State University
MS Oklahoma State University
BFA Oklahoma State University
MFA University of Oklahoma

​​​​ Courses Taught: ​
• Introduction to Graphic Design
• Web Design I
• Web Design II
• Motion Graphics
• Emerging Media
• Capstone for Graphic Design


Larry Burditt is a Professor of Art and Design at Central Michigan University where he teaches graphic design with a focus on interactive design. Larry has over 20 years of experience in the area of information technologies and worked in web design since its inception in the early 90’s. His personal work has ventured into the new arena of 3D solid modeling and 3D printing as a medium of exploration. However, his focus continues in the area of diversity issues as the area for exploration. Currently, Larry is using traditional games as a means for exploration of gender identity and sexuality.

M.S. Technology Studies 3D Modeling/Animation
Eastern Michigan Univeristy

​​​​ Courses Taught: ​
• 3D Animation


Previously was a lecturer at Eastern Michigan University. Jeremy also has previously worked for MTS Technologies Inc. developing high level 3D models and animations for interactive multimedia instruction for military training. 

Mr. Catarino likes to volunteer his time outside of his teaching duties to non profit organizations such as the Detroit ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter, which he is the current vice president of the chapter. Along with volunteering his professional skills as The Clean Love Project's graphic artist/web developer. 

MFA: 2003, University of Iowa (Ceramics)
BFA: 1998, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Ceramics and Sculpture)

Personal Website

​​​​ Courses Taught: ​
• Design Foundations
• Intro to Ceramics


Israel “Izzy” Davis is an artist, educator, musician, BMX biker, and skateboarding enthusiast who lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI. After a decade of teaching at the university level he is currently focusing on his personal creative practice and has been working to produce a new body of work that utilizes ceramics, digital fabrication technologies, and mixed media. Upon receiving a series of private grants to purchase equipment and take technical courses in 3-D modeling and CNC fabrication, Davis has been busy setting up a small fab lab at his studio, Fundamental Formative Arts LLC (FUNFA). The FabLab at FUNFA currently boasts an Epilog laser etcher/cutter, a ShopBot CNC router, and a Ricoh ceramic toner laser printer.

MFA: 2015, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BFA: 2005, Lyme Academy College of Fine Art

Personal Website
​​​  Courses Taught
Introduction ​to Sculpture
• Sculpture Studio
• Advanced Sculpture Studio
• Moldmaking & Casting
• Portrait & Figure Sculpture
• Character Sculpture &       Development

Research Interests
• Soun​d Sculpture: New translations of frequency into meaningful forms
• Figure Sculpture: Traditional and Contemporary
• Sculpture in the Expanded Field


My practice in art has been wide and varied. Currently, my work involves research into our understanding of sound and language – exploring its meaning, implications, and applications in sculpture. While I recently had a studio in Chicago, a city where I also taught at the School of the Art Institute, my search for understanding and expression in this area of art has made a winding path across the country. Truly the culmination of a life’s worth of interests, this story began in West Texas during my childhood. It would be there where the simultaneous interests in both music and art would lead me on two distinct paths: that of the ephemeral and that of the malleable. While sculpture, as the malleable, was an early love it would be some years before I studied it seriously. Music, as the ephemeral was the first and formative art form in my life. Joining an orchestra at the age of 11 as a violist, I grew to love the inexplicable, yet instantaneous, effect music had on me and those around me. This is what I seek to bring to the medium of sculpture: sympathetic resonance in form and concept.

Recent Scholarship

• 2018 GlassAccess: SOUND+VISION, exhibition catalog, National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA; June 2018; pgs 21-22

2016 "Speech from Another: The Mechanized Pursuit of the Human Voice - Parts 1 & 2",  November Art Journal, Chicago, IL

• 2015, MFA Show, Sullivan Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

• 2013, Funny/HaHa, Base Space, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

• 2012, After the Machines, Six Summit Gallery, Ivoryton, CT

• 2009, Runner-up, Art vs. Design, New Museum, SoHo, New York, NY​

• 2009, Margaret Hexter Prize: National Sculpture Society 76th Annual Exhib., NY, NY

• 2005, Walter & Michael Lantz Prize, 1st Place: National Figure Sculpture Competition, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY

Ph.D: 2003, University of Missouri-Columbia
MA: 1997, University of Missouri-Columbia
BA: 1994, Boston University

Personal Website
​​​​​​ Courses Taught:
Ancient & Medieval Art History
• Intro to Western Art I
• Art Critic Methodology/Art History
• Islamic Art
• Research Seminar in Art History

Research Interests
• Ethnicity & Identity
• Ro​man & Early Medieval Spain                            

​​Dr. de Brestian got his BA in Archaeology from Boston University and his MA and PhD in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Missouri. He is co-director of the Najerilla Valley Research Project, an international multidisciplinary project that is examining changes in urbanization, rural settlement, art and architecture in the upper Ebro valley of Spain between the 1st century BCE and the 15th century CE.

Recent Scholarship
Publications: “Vascones and Visigoths: Creation and Transformation of Identity in Northern Spain,” in R. Mathisen and D. Schanzer, (eds.), Romans, Barbarians, and the Transformation of the Roman World (Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity 6). (Ashgate: Farnham, Surrey; Burlington, VT 2010) 283-298.

“Interrogating the Dead: Funerary Inscriptions in Northern Iberia” in R. Häussler, (ed.), Romanisation et épigraphie. Études interdisciplinaires sur l’acculturation et l’identité dans l’Empire romain (Archéologie et Histoire Romaine, 17), (Editions Monique Mergoil: Montagnac 2007) 267-280.

MFA: 1982, Yale University
BA: 1979, Baker Universi​ty
​​​ Courses Taught
Intro to Drawing
• Intro to Figure Drawing
• Figure Drawing Studio
• Advanced Figure Drawing Studio

Research Interests
• Painting & drawing from direct observation 


Artist in Residence, Cassis, France, Has painted on location in Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Athens, Moscow, Palermo, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Barcelona, Tivoli, Prague, Bruges, Bilbao, Lausanne, Zurich, Orvieto, Arles, Honfleur, Florence, Oaxaca, Salisbury, Madrid and Marrakesh​.

Recent Scholarship

Permanent Collection, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City, Spenser Museum of Art, Lawrence, Ks. Yale University, New Haven, CT.

MFA: 1996, Indiana University
BFA: 1994, University of New Hampshire

Service Responsibilities
BFA Program Chair
Director of Drawing in Florence Program

Personal Website

​Courses Taught (cont.)
• Intro to Painting
• Painting Studio
• Advanced Painting Studio
• Drawing in Florence
• Intro to Drawing
• Drawing Studio
• Advanced Drawing Studio

Research Interests
• Painting
• Drawing & mixed media artworks that investigate ideas of travel and geography in relation to personal metaphor ​                            


A native of New Hampshire, Brian Elder worked many jobs including painting houses, setting up telephone service, and janitorial work before starting college at the age of 28. After receiving his MFA from Indiana University he taught in New Hampshire, Illinois, and New York before coming to CMU to teach drawing and painting in 2002. 

Recent Scholarship

Solo Exhibitions include the Halka Art Project in Turkey, Westjyllands Kunstmuseum in Denmark, the University of Rochester, Indiana University-East, Blackburn College, Cazenovia College and Delta College.

Ph.D: 2013, University of Maryland College Park
MA: 2001, University of Maryland College P​ark
BA: 1998, University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests
• Northern Baroque Art
​​​ Courses Taught
​• Intro to the Visual
• Intr​o to Western Art II
• Northern Renaissance Art
• Italian Renaissance Art
• Baroque Art
• Eighteenth-Century European Art
• Intro to Non-Western Art


After receiving her B.A. in art history from the University of Texas, she moved to Maryland to pursue her graduate studies. After receiving an M.A. in art history & archaeology from the University of Maryland College Park, she served as a Curatorial Assistant in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery for several years. She was awarded a doctorate in art history & archaeology from from the University of Maryland in 2013 before coming to CMU as a lecturer.

MFA: 2007, Art Institute of Boston (Visual Arts)
BFA: 1990, School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Animation, Drawing, & Painting)

​​​​ Courses Taught
• Beginning Animation


Filmmaker, Storyteller, and Educator. Juggling all three of these hats seems to keep me pretty happy.

MFA: 1999, Central Michigan University
BFA: 1981, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Undergrad: Aegean School of Fine Arts, Greece
Associate: 1977, Delta College

Personal Websites
​​​ Courses Taught:
• Intro to Graphic Design
• Logo​ & Identity Design
• Typography
• Professional Design Practices
• Graphic Design Capstone

Research Interests 
• Web Interface Design
• UX & UI Design
• Typography
• Photography
• Print & Video


Clark is a Professor in the Graphic Design program where he has taught a range of design communication courses since joining the Department of Art and Design in 2000. Clark has also been a Principal of RedPoint Design Direction in Midland for nearly 30 years, providing communication design solutions to a variety of business sectors from fortune 500 clients to small start-ups and non-profit organizations.​

Recent Scholarship

His work as an art director, designer and photographer has been published in multiple books and magazines. He has also been honored by organizations including: the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Design), Communication Arts, The Webby Awards, the American Advertising Federation where he has received multiple District and Regional Addys, The Pixel Awards and others.

MFA: 2001, Louisiana State University
Teaching Certificate: 1997, Eastern Michigan University
BFA: 1995, University of Michigan

Personal Website

​​​​ Courses Taught

• Intro to Prin​tmaking
• Printmaking Studio
• Advanced Printmaking Studio

Research Interests

• Printmaking


Professor Johanna Paas has taught all levels of printmaking at Central Michigan University since 2002. She was the recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award at Central Michigan University. Johanna activity exhibits her mixed media prints at a variety of national and international venues. Her work balances between the intuitive and the intentional. Collaboration and community are important aspects of her research and teaching.

Recent Scholarship

Recipient of Teaching Excellence Award, Central Michigan University, Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching

A selection of recent exhibitions include:

2015: Global Print: The Douro Museum, Alijo, Portugal

2014: Feel the “D”: Re:View Contemporary Art Gallery, Detroit, MI

2013: Shy Rabbit Print International 4: Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts, Pagosa Springs, CO

2013: New England Photography Biennial: Danforth Museum, Boston, MA

​2012: Summer National Juried Exhibition: Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Novato, CA

MFA: 2005, Fort Hays State University
BFA: 2003, Southern Illinois University

Personal Website

​​​​ Courses Taught
• Logo & Identity Design
• Typography
• Intro to Graphic Design
• Professional Design Practices
• Motion Graphics

• Graphic Design Capstone
​• Advanced Typography

Research Interests
• Typography
​• Printed Matter
• Design Education Pedagogy


Jonathon Russell is a design educator currently teaching design and typography at Central Michigan University. Jonathon has been teaching design and typography for 10 years, and in addition to teaching in the United States has taught at Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates. Living, working and teaching abroad has expanded his world view and changed the way he looks at life and design. His research interests include typography and the use of printed matter to improve design education. His personal interests include cycling, photography and self-published books. He rides his bicycle to work every day, even through the long, cold Michigan winters.

Recent Scholarship

• Project Passion Exhitibion 2016
​• DesignInquiry Make/Do 2013

MFA: 2005, Arizona State University
BFA: 2000, College for Creative Studies
AA: 1996, Washtenaw Community College

Service Responsibilties
Artist-In-Residence Committee (chair)
BFA Committee

Personal Website
​​​ Courses Taught
• Intro to Photography
• Experi​mental Photography Studio
• Photography Studio

Research Interests
• Personal Relationships
• LGBTQ Issues
• Vintage Snapshots


Kris Sanford grew up in southeast Michigan. She has exhibited her work nationally, including group exhibitions in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Miami, and New York. In 2010 she was awarded a Contemporary Forum Artist Grant from the Phoenix Art Museum and exhibited her work at the museum in May 2011. Her work was selected by the Phoenix Public Art Program for the 2011 installment of the 7th Avenue Streetscape Panels. In 2016 she received First Place in the 35th Annual Juried Photography Exhibition at the Crooked Tree Art Center in Petoskey, MI. Her art explores intimate relationships, specifically queer desire, through the use of appropriated images and text.

Recent Scholarship

GETXOPHOTO (invitational photography festival), September 1 - October 2, 2016, Getxo, Spain

Forward Award, Center Forward (juried group exhibition), September 2 - October 1, 2016, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO, jurors: Hamidah Glasgow and Aline Smithson

Through the Lens of Desire (solo exhibition), June 15 - July 24, 2016, Elizabeth Houston Gallery, New York, NY​

2016 First Place Award, 35th Annual Juried Photography Exhibition, Crooked Tree Art Center, Petoskey, MI

2015 Through the Lens of Desire (solo exhibition), OutCenter, Benton Harbor, MI

MFA: 2005, Indiana University
BA: 2001, Goshen College
​​​ Courses Taught:
• Intro to Ceramics
• Ceramics Studio: Wheel-throwing
• Creation in 3D


Grey Stahly has been teaching at CMU since 2007.  Prior to that he taught at Millersville University and SUNY-Potsdam.  Stahly is currently the head of the ceramics area.

Recent Scholarship

2015 - Graphic Clay, Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, MD

2015 - Workhouse Ceramics National, Workhouse Art Center, Lorton, VA

2015 - Americas Clayfest III, Blue Line Arts Gallery, Lincoln, CA

MFA: 1993, University of Oregon
Certificate: 1976, Croydon College of Art, London
BFA: 1975, Rhode Island School of Design

Personal Website(s)

​​​ Courses Taught:
• Foundational Visual Thinking
• Intro to Graphic Design
• Design Bureau
• Typography
• Design History
• Contemporary Issues in Design
• Professional Practice
• Advanced Typography
• Graphic Design Capstone

Research Interests
• Social Design
• Design & Science
• Artists Books
• Design Criticism


David Stairs founded Designers Without Borders in 2001 while on a Fulbright research grant to Uganda. In 2006, he became founding editor of Design Altruism Project, an online experiment dedicated to addressing the shifting character of professional design practice. Stairs’ latest portrait was taken by his son Chris one morning at the City Market in Bangalore where he was a Hindu for three hours.

Recent Scholarship

Fulbright to Uganda 2000-2002, Fulbright to India 2012, 

View more publications​

BFA: 2000, University of Akron
MGD: 2004, North Carolina State University
​​​ Courses Taught
• Intro to Graphic Design​​
• Digital Multimedia Designer

MFA: 2001, Central Michigan University
BFA: 1996, Central Michigan University

Personal Website

​​​​ Courses Taught:
• Intro to Drawing
• Drawing Studio
• Advanced Drawing Studio​

Research Interests
• Humans & Their Natural Environment
• Historical & Current Materials, Methods & Techniques of Oil Painting                            


Volker returned to college late in life after a career in music that began while he was still in high school during the "Michigan Rock" era.  Recordings by his early band "Pitche Blende" are still featured in prominent discographies from the period.  

He began teaching in the Art & Design Department at CMU in 1998 as the "Instructor of Record" while still a graduate student.  Volker also taught at Alma College as a Visiting Instructor in Art & Design between 2001- 2006.  Additionally he served by invitation on Alma's Art and Design Advisory Board for two years. Volker has also conducted many workshops, critiques, and lectures at various art institutions throughout the state.​

Recent Scholarship

​Volker has exhibited both his paintings and prints nationally at Galleries, Museums, and in many Juried Exhibitions.  Volker spent five years under exclusive contract to Bensen Galleries LTD, in Arlington Heights, Chicago, IL, where a limited edition of his painting "Passing Storm" was published.  His monotype "Pond at Evening was featured in the "Journal of the Print World", after he won the Senator Leo J. Roizer award during the 2004 Annual Alma College Statewide Print Competition.  His work is in the permanent collection of Alma college, and Saginaw Valley University.  ​  

MFA: 1996, University of Idaho
BFA: 1990, Rochester Institute of Technology

Service Responsibilties
Photography Program Coordinator

Personal Website
​​​​ Courses Taught
• Intro to Photography
• Photography Studio
• Adv Photography Studio
• Understanding Digital Photography
• History of Photography

Research Interests
• Lens-based Imaging (Historical & Contemporary)
• Selfies (self-authorship, self-branding)
• Composite Photography​


An artist and educator, I have been making lens-based art for over three decades and working in higher education for over 25 years. I have exhibited nationally in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, and Dallas and internationally in Paris, London, Florence, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, and Beijing. My works are in numerous public and private collections in America, Europe and Asia.

Recent Scholarship

2015 "Based on Actual Events", (solo, invited), Ferris State University Art Gallery, Big Rapids, MI

"Terra Firma – Architecture and Landscape", (invited, national), Luminarte Fine Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

"ArtPrize 2015", (juried, international), Fountain Street Church, Grand Rapids, MI

"Clare Community Portrait", (juried, state), Art Alley, Clare, MI

2014 "Emerging Lens-based Pedgogies of Self(ie): Precedents and Possibilities", presentation, Fifth International Conference of the Image, Berlin, Germany



Associate degree in Accounting, Mid Michigan Community College, 2003
Bachelor degree in Finance, Davenport University, 2015

Shannon is a results driven professional with over 10 years of higher educatio experience. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and 13 year old son, as well as cycling and fishing.

MFA: 2003, Western Michigan University
BFA: 1999, Alma College

Service Responsibilities
CMU Laboratory Safety Committee representative



My artistic interests revolve around the human condition.  More specifically health and wellness, things we may or may not be able to control and our interpretations and capacities for self sufficiency and care.  My personal endeavors are most often outdoor activities that expand my abilities, push my human potential and ultimately test my mettle.  These experiences allow for intimate engagement with the world and  remind me that I'm alive beyond the consumer world.  Art and adventures fuel my human spirit and allow for something real, challenging and exciting every day.   

MFA: 1982, University of Iowa
MA: 1981, University of Iowa
BA: 1979, College of William & Mary

​​​​ Courses Taught:​
BFA Exhibition
• BA/B​S Capstone
• BAA Senior Seminar


Ms. Gochenour has more than 35 years of experience in curating and organizing art exhibitions.  She was curator of contemporary craft at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas before moving to Michigan.  In Iowa City, Iowa she was director of the Iowa City/Johnson County Arts Center and she also created a number of alternative exhibition spaces.  As a student she developed the first juried student exhibition and a student art grant program at the University of Iowa.  She is  a sculptor with an extensive exhibition record. She curates and coordinates exhibitions at the University Art Gallery and teaches the fine arts capstone class for the Department of Art & Design.