​Why a second year of campus?

Research shows CMU students who live on campus a second year achieve higher GPAs, graduate sooner, are more "connected" to campus life, and take greater advantage of advising and other support services.  CMU students who live on campus are 11.5 percent more likely to graduate in four years than those who live off campus.

Why does on-campus housing sign-up start so early?

Off-campus apartment complexes start leasing in the fall, which forces CMU to do so as well.  Yes, it's a big decision.  Think seriously about your plans.  Don't feel pressured to sign a housing contract or off-campus lease until you're ready.  If you're thinking off campus, make sure you'll be eligible to do so (see Campus Residency Policy).  Note that returning students have priority until May 1. The sooner you sign up, the more likely you're to get the space of your choice.  However, you'll have a space even if you sign up in April.