Applied Experimental Psychology graduate student plans exciting research

Zachery Mondlak plans to research text-to-speech and reading comprehension

| Author: Hadlee Rinn | Media Contact: Kara Owens

Zachery Mondlak, a graduate student in CMU’s Applied Experimental Psychology program, plans to research text-to-speech software and whether certain reader traits influence reading comprehension scores. For example, a skilled reader may be less likely to benefit from text-to-speech software compared to an unskilled reader. 

Mondlak was inspired to investigate this subject from his experiences with neurodivergent individuals. Many of these individuals with reading differences as a symptom of their condition, mentioned preferring text read aloud or enjoyed learning through visual mediums. 

In Fall 2023, Mondlak will begin conducting his research with college student participants from CMU and other colleges throughout mid-Michigan. All participants will complete various measures and read passages at the same time.  

Mondlak says, “I am not sure what to expect results-wise, but […] this idea has not yet been explored in other studies that tested text-to-speech software.” 

Previously, Mondlak has been involved in research projects related to reading and reading processes, mostly consisting of recording eye movements while reading in real-time. During his final year at CMU, Mondlak will be an instructor at various colleges in mid-Michigan and in the future would like to be in a consulting role in the industry after completing his Ph.D.  

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