Athletic Training faculty member coauthors 5th Edition textbook

| Author: Kate Hodgkins | Media Contact: Kate Hodgkins

Dr. Blaine Long, Ph.D., has coauthored the 5th edition of the Examination of Orthopedic & Athletic Injuries textbook which has recently been published. This updated text includes context numerous clinical special and selective tissue tests, evidence on specific findings regarding the sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, as well as reliability on orthopedic injuries. In addition, students will be provided with more specific instruction on appropriate procedures and positioning when conducting assessments or evaluations, implications of orthopedic injuries, and positive findings following an examination. This 5th edition of the Examination of Orthopedic & Athletic Injuries textbook will be used throughout the country in Athletic Training Programs, making a significant impact on student education.

Dr. Long is the Representative Chair of the School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences, Professor, and Director of the Athletic Training Program in The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions. In addition to this publication, he also wrote a textbook chapter entitled Consideration for Training Modifications for the Collegiate Strength and Conditional Coaches Association (CSCCa).  He has been an accreditation site visitor for several years—working with a team to assess if Athletic Training Programs are providing evidence to support required standards. Lastly, Dr. Long is part of the Board of Certification examination development committee where he assists in the construction of medical questions related to the professional National Examination.  Dr. Long has and will continue to make a large impact in the Athletic Training Profession nationwide.

Dr. Long would like to thank his co-authors Dr. Chad Starkey (Ohio University), and Dr. Julie Cavallario (Old Dominion University). As a team, they met frequently over the last three years updating previous editions to conform with the National Athletic Training Educational Competencies. As a result of their dedication and teamwork to the Athletic Training Profession, students will receive the most up-to-date clinical information that will enhance their clinical education.

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