Behind the scenes of the Threads Fashion Show VIP Reception

Event Management students work to make the VIP Reception a success

| Author: Jeff Fisher | Media Contact:

As the curtains rose on the annual Threads Fashion Show, anticipation was high for a night of glamour, innovation and style. Behind the scenes, a group of dedicated Event Management minor students from NDS 261 Foodservice Catering for Events were poised to make their mark on the VIP reception.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jeff Fisher, these students collaborated with Executive Catering Chef David Miller and Senior Executive Chef Corey Arndt from CMU Dining Services, bringing their expertise and creativity to enhance the event experience. “We’re not here to make food; we’re here to make dreams come true,” Chef Miller stated.

The students embraced the opportunity to put their classroom learning into practice in a real-world setting. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Threads Fashion Show and contribute to the success of the VIP Reception,” said Dr. Fisher. “This hands-on experience is invaluable for these aspiring event managers, and we are grateful for the chance to showcase our skills for such a prestigious event.”

Eleven students pose together with Dr. Fisher in front of a table in the test kitchen on campus.

The Threads Fashion Show, known for celebrating diversity and creativity in fashion, provides the perfect backdrop for these budding event planners to shine. With their dedication, passion and attention to detail, the students played a key role in ensuring that the VIP Reception was a highlight of the evening.

For more information on NDS 261 Foodservice Catering for Events, please contact faculty member Dr. Jeff Fisher at The course is offered every spring semester.

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