Experience in the newsroom leads to career success

CMU alum Adam Graham ties his career success back to CM Life

| Author: Emily Stulz

For a majority of his career, Central Michigan University alum Adam Graham has been asking the questions. This week the Detroit News film critic’s role was flipped as he met with journalism students in the College of the Arts and Media.

Graham took the interrogation in stride, happy to be able to share his story and connect with current students.

“I want to be involved in any way that I can, to tell them about what I’ve been able to do in my career because of my experience at Central Michigan Life,” Graham said. “I am totally grateful for my experience here on campus, because I’ve been able to have this incredible career.”

Graham’s journey began in fall 1996, answering a CM Life ad for a film critic position. Within moments of walking into the office, he was assigned to review “A Very Brady Sequel,” and by the following Monday, he was an official CM Lifer.

Graham often attributes his success to his time at CMU and hopes that by visiting campus he can serve as a resource for current students.

“I know that my career came from here, came from being a student on this campus,” Graham said. “I was able to walk into the student newspaper that first day and have a one-on-one connection with my professors.”

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