First-gen feature: Five questions with Senior Heidi Garay-Estupinian

Get to know one of CBA’s first-generation students

| Author: CBANews | Media Contact: CBANews

Five questions with Senior Heidi Garay-Estupinian sheds light on college opportunities, first-gen pride and advice for future students.

1. What inspired you to go to college?

I was inspired to go to college for the opportunities that it brings. The opportunity of a good life, but most importantly, the opportunity to work a job that challenges me, pushes me to grow and expands my skill sets.

2. What does being a first-generation student mean to you?

Being a first-generation student means everything to me. It means that I can set a positive example for my brothers and show them that this path is possible for people like us. It means that I can increase the visibility of the number of Hispanic students that attend college. It also means that I can help anyone who is scared and intimidated by college by providing them with the guidance and answers that I didn't have.

3. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a future first-generation student to help them on their journey?

Never let imposter syndrome get to you. You deserve to further your education, and you are just as capable as all of your peers.

4. What do you love most about CMU?

I feel connected to the university in everything I do in my daily life. I have never felt like just another student in my classes or RSO’s. I have meaningful connections with my professors. In my extracurricular activities, I feel like I am genuinely making a difference on campus.

5. What do you hope your degree will help you achieve?

I hope to secure a job that aligns with my passions and is mutually beneficial. I hope to contribute quality work, and in return, experience a sense of purpose knowing that my skills are being utilized to their maximum potential.

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