Grandparents U Returns to Campus

15th Annual Grandparents U

| Author: Mackenzie Miller

Grandparents U at CMUGrandparents U is back for its 15th year at Central Michigan University’s campus, June 21 - June 23. Alumni Relations is proud to bring this event back to campus after two years of virtual participation.

Grandparents U is a summer camp that brings generations of CMU Chippewas together for three days of fun. Grandparents and grandchildren will attend interactive and educational hands-on sessions, hosted by faculty and staff across CMU’s campus. 

There are a variety of session offerings, including: 

  • Inside Look: CMU Athletics.
  • Tie-Dye: Fun with Chemistry. 
  • WCMU Behind the Scenes: Radio and TV Production. 

The 15th Annual Grandparents U camp will include 40 families, with 55 grandparents and 57 grandchildren, this year. Participants will enjoy interactive learning in real-life experiences, exposure to the leadership of CMU’s faculty and staff, and experience the strong sense of community we know to be CMU. 

“Every session at Grandparents U is hands-on learning,” said Brittany Milan, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement. “Whether participants are learning about the chemistry of tie-dye t-shirts or using household items to create a protective device for dropping an egg off the second-floor balcony in the Engineering & Tech building… there is something for everyone,” Milan said. 

Stay tuned to the Alumni Facebook page to see a photo album of this year’s camp. If you would be interested in volunteering to host a session in your area of expertise next year, please contact Alumni Relations at or 989-774-3312. Fire Up Chips! 

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