Introducing CMU’s new Admissions and Aid website

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Admissions and Aid website on July 9! This exciting project is more than just a new look. It's a complete overhaul designed to transform how prospective undergraduate, graduate and international students experience Central Michigan University.

“This joint project with University Communications allowed us to find creative solutions that will vastly improve the ability of our prospective students and their supporters to find and understand the information they’re seeking on our website," said Bob Garcia, senior director of admissions. "Utilizing data, best practices and decades of experience, we are excited to launch this new portion of our website that will see thousands of visitors in the coming year.”

Why the change?

Our commitment to student success starts long before students reach the classroom. The college search process can be overwhelming. Our website plays a critical role in helping students and their supporters quickly and easily find the information they need in order to choose CMU. Improving their first interactions with us puts them on the path for continued success when they begin classes here.

Data-driven decisions

The new website is the culmination of extensive research and user-centered design. We leveraged website analytics, user experience testing and best practices in search engine optimization to create a streamlined, intuitive and mobile-friendly experience.

Here's what to expect

  • Reduced clicks, more clarity: Our website architecture has been completely reorganized, with a focus on clear navigation and easy access to crucial information.
  • Content that converts: Forget the jargon! We've replaced it with engaging, concise language that resonates with prospective students and their families.
  • Finding answers fast: Powerful search functionality and a focus on SEO best practices ensure that prospective students get the answers they need, right when they need them.
  • A window into our community: Stunning visuals and compelling stories showcase the vibrant campus life, academic opportunities and support systems that await future CMU students.

The new site by the numbers

  • 3 separate websites were designed to focus on distinct audiences with distinct needs: incoming freshman and transfer students, graduate students and international students. Supporters (parents/guardians) and high school counselors also have sections dedicated to their needs within the new freshman site.
  • A 72 percent reduction in the total number of pages, from 188 to 58.
  • It takes just 4 clicks to get to the deepest page within the sites, providing a simpler journey for students and supporters.
  • 100 percent of pages have a key call-to-action (CTA) to better move prospective students through recruitment and enrollment steps.
  • Approximately 140 multimedia assets (images, videos, icons, interactive embeds, etc.) have been added throughout the site to boost visual storytelling and increase user engagement.

We invite you to explore the new Admissions and Aid website on July 9 and see how it reflects the exceptional educational experience we offer all students.

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