Match Day: 40% of CMU’s doctor grads staying in state

75% of the graduates will do their residencies in primary care

| Author: Gary H. Piatek

​While the coronavirus ruined the party, it couldn't dampen the spirit of the Central Michigan University College of Medicine's 2020 graduating class on Match Day 2020.

​Normally, class members gather for Match Day at a nice venue to find out at noon with graduates from around the nation where they will spend their next several years in residency. This year, social distancing took precedence.

​"It's not the ideal situation," said graduate Adam Kloha from Bay City, Michigan, who aims to practice internal medicine in the Midwest. "I would have rather been with my classmates, but we know it's a necessary step to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus victims."

​The medical school's fourth graduating class planned to get together on social media later in the day.

"Match Day is one of the most joyous days of the year at medical schools," said Dr. Tina Thompson, the college of medicine's senior associate dean, academic affairs.

"While the day is bittersweet this year as we are unable to host a live event, the College of Medicine family is together in spirit and joins in celebration of our students' success," she said.

"We are proud of our students' continued success matching in competitive programs in Michigan and nationally," said College of Medicine Dean Dr. George Kikano.

The matches are determined by a computerized algorithm used by the National Resident Matching Program to align the specialty and location requests of students with the preferences of program directors at U.S. teaching hospitals.

Kikano said by all measures, Match Day this year was a great success, as 40% of CMU students matched to a residency program in Michigan and 75% matched to primary care.

"We are especially proud of our three students who matched into military residencies," he said.

"The match, the culmination of four years for medical students, is a very stressful yet gratifying time and the next step for them developing as physicians. We are proud of all of them," said Dr. Mildred Willy, associate dean, student affairs.

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