Miller steps down from diversity post

Davies to announce interim early next week

| Author: Heather Smith

Central Michigan University President Bob Davies announced today that Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer A.T. Miller will step down from his role at the university effective Aug. 31. Miller joined CMU in May 2018 and was the first to hold the position.

"A.T. has made a significant impact at CMU, and our faculty, staff and students have benefited from the advancements he has brought to our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts," Davies said. "A.T. was able to spur open dialogue and to build meaningful relationships that have helped CMU make significant progress with respect to its diversity and inclusion practices."

mug-millerMiller said he is proud of the university's ongoing efforts for institutional transformation.

"This is not the work of any one person but a continuous comprehensive effort that leads to greater excellence and enhanced skills, knowledge and insight for all," Miller said. "It has been great to work with so many enthusiastic collaborators across CMU's many on-campus and off-campus constituencies."

The vice president/chief diversity officer position, part of the president's cabinet, was a primary recommendation of a 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Davies said he will announce an interim early next week.

"It's critical that we continue our work in weaving diversity and inclusion throughout every facet of the university," Davies said. "Our next chief diversity officer will continue to ensure that CMU facilitates diversity education and training for our community so that we are able to continue enriching our campus experience and culture for underrepresented students."

Miller's tenure is marked by a number of significant advancements, including the development of a new Conversations that Matter series to engage CMU's campus and community in meaningful, civil dialogue around challenging political and social issues.

"CMU has made tremendous strides in a very short period of time. Last year alone, the university Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council launched more than 70 initiatives to improve policies and practices universitywide, and we've established a number of new programs, including our faculty diversity and inclusion fellows and affinity groups for faculty and staff," Miller said.

His initiatives also led to the inclusion of DEI effort reporting for all staff members in annual performance reviews and a comprehensive DEI online awareness program required for new students and available to all. CMU also now regularly enters the national conversation on DEI through teams of faculty, staff and students sponsored by the office who participate in significant conferences and events.

Last year, CMU received an ADVANCE Catalyst Award from the National Science Foundation for its work to increase the representation of women in STEM and became a member of the National Alliance of Inclusive and Diverse STEM Faculty and Strive for College. Miller established a number of committees and task force groups to address other challenges on campus and created a website to house reports, surveys and other information on CMU's efforts.

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