Serving up nutrition and dietetics experience

Culinary Nutrition Center satisfies an appetite for state-of-the-art education

| Author: Andrea Mestdagh

In the world of food, presentation and substance go hand in hand.

The same might be said of Central Michigan University's new Allen Foundation Inc. Culinary Nutrition Center, a hands-on learning lab with a clean, modern design and professional-grade equipment.

"We want the CNC to be the face of our program," said Nutrition and Dietetics faculty member Jeff Fisher. CMU offers a dietetics major, nutrition minor and master's degree in nutrition and dietetics.

The center in Wightman Hall features 24 student workstations, commercial-style ovens and ranges, and a technology center with modern food service equipment. It replaces an older facility in the same space that had room for 16 students.

Adjustable video cameras replace the previous overhead mirror to give students a view of the instructor's countertop and cook space.

Fisher said the new facility opens new opportunities for courses in sustainable foods, wines of the world, applied nutrition and more.

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