Student cooking demonstrations spread awareness of nutrition education

Nutrition and Dietetics students showed their skills through cooking demonstrations and grocery store tours

| Author: Jeff Fisher | Media Contact:

On April 10, Nutrition and Dietetics students collaborated with nutrition educator Deb Dillion, R.D. to learn how to perform healthy cooking demonstrations and conduct grocery store tours for the community.

Michigan Dairy Industries sponsored the event at the Allen Foundation Culinary Nutrition Center in Wightman Hall. Students enrolled in NDS 361 Food Science demonstrated how to prepare healthy dishes like barbecue chicken and pineapple quesadillas with tangy yogurt sauce, Greek pasta with white beans and tomatoes, and black bean and quinoa bowls.

"Eat healthy and be happy," stated Dillon. "Eat the rainbow" is a way of getting a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables each day to maximize our health.

Seven students pose together behind a table of prepared food in the test kitchen on campus.

The newly renovated Allen Foundation Culinary Nutrition Center in Wightman Hall boasts 12 workstations with commercial-style ovens and modern food service equipment. According to Dr. Fisher, "It's a state-of-the-art facility that enhances the learning experience for students in the Nutrition and Dietetics program."

The courses offered here include NDS 160 Introduction to Cooking, NDS 361 Food Science and a new course offered every fall, NDS 291 Introduction to Wine.

To learn more about the Nutrition and Dietetics program and course offerings, contact program director Dr. Najat Yehia at For information about the Allen Foundation Culinary Nutrition Center, contact the Director, Dr. Jeff Fisher, at

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