Students work at virus testing site

College of Medicine students in Saginaw volunteer to assist doctors at drive-through location

| Author: Gary H. Piatek

Central Michigan University College of Medicine fourth-year medical students put their skills to work recently volunteering to help out at Great Lakes Bay Health Centers' drive-through COVID-19 testing center on Lapeer Avenue in Saginaw, Michigan.

College of Medicine student Patrick Bishop and Dr. Derek Williams of Great Lakes Bay Health Centers check their social distancing at a drive-through testing site.

The students worked alongside doctors and health care workers administering nasal swab tests. They made sure vials were labeled properly, helped bag the tests and assisted with paperwork.

Some students, such as Yasmeen Mann, also helped physicians by connecting with patients participating in telehealth services.

"Our clinicals were canceled, but we are still serving our community," said medical student Lindsay Murphy. "We were all honored to do this.

Working at home, College of Medicine student Yasmeen Mann assists with telehealth services.
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