The week in photos: Jan. 8-14

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Some of the top photos from Central Michigan University events and activities during the week of Jan. 8-14 as captured by University Communications.

A Central Michigan University sign on the north end of campus stands between two rows of trees with a snowy Warriner Hall in the distance.
The Central Michigan University sign on the north end of campus sits snow-covered.
The 6-foot-tall CMU seal stands out in its Gold and Maroon colors, set against snow-covered grass and trees.
The CMU seal in front of Warriner Hall stands out from its snowy surroundings.
A view of a snow-covered Warriner Hall from a distance as the ground and trees surrounding the building are also covered in snow.
A look at Warriner Hall on a snowy, overcast morning.
A group of approximately a dozen school-aged students walk along a snow-covered sidewalk in front of the University Center.
A group of school-aged children walk past the Bovee University Center on a snowy day.
A small ice-covered pond is the focal point of a snowy day image with a gazebo and the University Center in the background.
The pond near the Fabiano Botanical Garden begins to show ice cover following a large snowfall the night before.
A red squirrel eats while sitting on snow-covered tree branches.
A squirrel sits in a snow-covered tree near the Fabiano Botanical Garden.

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