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Sweet Facts

It's a sweet time to celebrate

We could write a book about what makes CMU great, but we figured a list was more practical

We know CMU is a sweet place to be, and here are 16 reasons you should think so, too!


16. Fire Up Friday!

Move-in Day

15. Our students give back to the community — a lot.

Alternative Break

14. A first of its "craft" program.

Fermentation Program

13. President George E. Ross.

President Ross

12. Play with high-tech toys.


11. Forever friendships.

Sorority Jump

10. Cheers for your peers.

Basketball Game

9. Seal of approval.

CMU Seal

8. Leaders in their natural habitat.

Leadership Safari

7. Get out of town.

Study Abroad in Prague

6. Green is one of our favorite colors.

Biosciences Building

5. Get hands-on with research.

Beaver Island

4. Four hundred ways to fit in.

Get Acquainted Day

3. We have 125 years of excellence.

Central Normal School

2. Everyone belongs here.

MAC Scholars

1. The sweetest women’s basketball team.

Womens Basketball

Have we piqued your sweet tooth?

Request information on how you can join us and experience all of the sweet things on our list.