An entrepreneurial take on boot camp

CMU music students learn entrepreneurial skills from visiting guest artist Akropolis

| Author: Emily Stulz

​The five visiting members of Akropolis Reed Quintet recently gave Central Michigan University students in the School of Music an opportunity to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

​"Entrepreneurship helps students learn to be their own manager and be self-sufficient wherever their career takes them," said Kristin Pagels, director of music events.

​As part of their October visit, Akropolis held a two-hour workshop dedicated to helping students understand themselves, their self-expression and how they can work better with others to further their careers.

​"The first thing we ask students to do is reflect on what they really want to do and what they really want to be," said Kari Landry, clarinetist and marketing and development manager of Akropolis' nonprofit organization. "Oftentimes, it's the first time someone has asked them that question."

​For music student Elizabeth Troxell, from Shepherd, Michigan, the workshop helped her identify how her values would help her reach her goals and how she can successfully overcome obstacles in her path.

​"Just playing an instrument is a fantastic thing, but the entrepreneurship skills are what's really going to foster a successful musical career," Troxell said. "Nobody is going to see you as just a performer or just an ensemble."

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