Analyze this: buy, sell or hold

CMU finance students win first place in CFA Institute’s financial analysis competition

| Author: Ari Harris

A team of five Central Michigan University finance students won first place at the CFA Institute Research Challenge, beating several Michigan universities, and advanced to compete in the regional tournament in New York in April.

The winning CMU team advances to the next round of competition in New York.

For the competition, students prepared a 10-page analysis of their recommendation to buy, sell or hold stocks of Gentex Corp., a Michigan-based automotive manufacturing company. Students were given nearly three months to prepare the written report, along with a 10-minute pitch. Their presentation was followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers.

“This type of learning cannot be replicated in the classroom, especially the competitive aspect, and it has helped develop my business acumen,” said Austin Harvey, a senior majoring in finance.

Two teams from CMU competed and both were ranked highly among the other universities. Brad Taylor, finance faculty member, helped mentor the students through the financial analysis.

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