Bringing film creativity to life

High school students attend inaugural film school during annual festival

| Author: Emily Stulz

“Working with young people and creating these sorts of playful landscapes, it’s like kindergarten for grown-ups.” That’s how Steve Leeper, animation faculty member, described the Central Michigan International Film Festival’s first film school.

Leeper’s lesson plan involved colorful paper plates, tissue paper and swimming pool noodles to create an alien creature, with the goal of teaching attendees tricks about animating human characters.

To help make the session interactive, Leeper also recruited current CMU students to help plan and teach the session.

“They’re learning and leading and teaching – it's a nice combination,” Leeper said.

Other faculty members from the College of the Arts and Media taught sessions on screenwriting, editing, audio and copyright law.

This unique opportunity allowed high school students to get hands-on experience working with different elements of film.

“Once you do it a little bit, you have a better idea of what’s out there in this whole world of opportunity,” said Patty Williamson, broadcast and cinematic arts faculty member and director of the film festival.

Written by University Communications intern Angelica Elizalde.

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