CMU Alumnus Shines as an Accomplished Composer

Music alumnus Chris Evan Hass had pieces premiered at an international music festival.

Recently, CMU alumnus Chris Evan Hass had three of his own compositions performed at the International Trombone Festival at the University of Central Arkansas. Chris had the honor of having two of his pieces be world premieres at this prestigious festival.

Hass’s compositions include Resurgence, Imposter, and Into the Void. Hass’s pieces were performed by fellow friends and colleagues including Shelby Kifer, Jason Lo, Evan Conroy, Kazuo Murakami, and the Carolina Trombone Project.

A School of Music Graphic featuring alumnus Chris Evan Hass
Chris Evan Hass (M.M. '18)


Chris Evan Hass studied under the tutelage of Dr. David Gillingham. When asked to reflect on his time at CMU, he said he was “Very grateful [he] got to study with Dr. Gillingham during his last year before his retirement. He was such a positive and supportive light, and [he] would not be where [he is] today without him.” In addition to being a composer, Mr. Hass is also a great trombonist. He reflected on his time with Dr. Lindahl at CMU: “I was not required to participate in any instrumental ensembles, but Dr. Lindahl was more than happy to include me in the trombone choir and studio class in general. He even featured several of my arrangements and pieces in the trombone choir concerts.”

Mr. Hass holds degrees in Composition from Western Michigan University (B.M.) and Central Michigan University (M.M.). He is currently enjoying a prolific composing career. His most recent work is a saxophone quartet consortium entitled, “Final Boss.” Hass’s intention for this composition is to provide students and educators with a high school-accessible piece. An active performer, he recently joined the ​CAPITAL CITY BRASS BAND. He also teaches private low brass lessons in Jackson, MI, as well as beginning band class at Columbia Middle School.

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