CMU extends test-optional admissions policy through fall 2023

The university will continue to measure the policy’s success and impact

| Author: Logan Pellegrom

The Central Michigan University Academic Senate approved the extension of test-optional admissions through fall 2023. The policy allows applicants to apply without requiring an ACT or SAT score.

CMU first introduced its test-optional policy in 2020 as many high school students were unable to complete standardized tests during the pandemic due to test site closures, according to Interim Provost Richard Rothaus. Since enacting the policy, CMU’s internal analysis indicates no practical difference in high school grade point averages of the two groups – those admitted with a test score and those admitted without.

Jennifer DeHaemers, vice president of student recruitment and retention, said analysis of the data for CMU’s 2021 freshman class also showed students admitted and enrolled as test-optional are a significantly more diverse group of students than those admitted with tests.

“By continuing the test-optional admission policy, CMU is providing opportunity to a broader range of students who will be academically successful here,” DeHaemers said. “This supports not only our goals to grow our enrollment but also our goals to provide a diverse and inclusive community in which all students can prepare for their future.”

The decision to extend the policy also allows the university to gather additional data on the impact it has, if any, on student success and persistence, said DeHaemers.

For more information on CMU’s admission requirements and how to apply, visit Admissions and Aid on our website.

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