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Video series: For many students, ‘My Classroom’ isn’t a classroom at all

| Author: Jeff Johnston

It doesn't look like a classroom. But that's what Media Graphix — Central Michigan University's student-run graphic design agency in the Bovee University Center — is for senior May Napora.

Napora, of Arlington Heights, Illinois, studies animation in the College of the Arts and Media. She will graduate in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and with CMU's new animation concentration.

She said the animated digital designs she creates for Media Graphix clients stand apart from in-class assignments.

"Once you start doing real-world projects, you have to deal with things like client meetings and invoices, billing — more of the business end of everything," she said.

The rewards can be huge. Napora recently produced an informational graphic about the new videoboard at Kelly/Shorts Stadium, and CMU's athletics department shared a video of her graphic playing on the 100-foot-wide screen.

Napora's experience is just one example of how learning career skills at CMU often extends beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom.

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