CMU, police union reach agreement

New contract effective for three years

| Author: Heather Smith

​Central Michigan University and the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council — or the FOPLC Union — have reached agreement on an initial collective bargaining agreement. The FOPLC Union represents 13 CMU police officers.

​The FOPLC Union was chosen to be the official collective bargaining representative by members of the CMU Police Department patrol unit in a secret ballot election that took place in April 2021. That election was overseen by the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, which thereafter certified the FOPLC Union as the official bargaining representative.

​The agreement provides for a 1.5% base wage increase plus market adjustments to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace for recruitment and retention, as well as health care benefit contributions on the same basis as the professional and administrative employee group. All compensation and benefit contribution changes are effective July 26, 2021, the date the bargaining unit ratified the tentative agreement, and expire June 30, 2024.

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