CMU Researchers Cleaning Water One Drop at a Time

U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center grant turns research into reality

| Author: Robert Wang | Media Contact: Robert Wang

CMU College of Science and Engineering faculty members Itzel Marquez (Engineering and Technology), Anja Mueller (Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Brad Fahlman (Chemistry and Biochemistry) have been awarded a grant from the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center for their work on developing materials that remove toxic compounds from water.

The team’s research aims to produce an alternative to current water purification systems that cannot meet required water quality standards. 

The new materials will be designed using specially designed polymers and an adjustable form of carbon that act as filters. The materials will provide a way to produce purified water, on-site without relying on bulk distribution.

The research team, which includes undergraduate students, master’s students and post-doctoral researchers, will use a portion of the grant to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for the synthesis and characterization of the materials. 

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