CMU student leads band on summer tour

Ryan Biller (B.M.E.) dedicated the later part of his summer to conduct and tour with the Manistee Community Band around the Manistee area. Biller, who re-found the band during his junior year of high school, is now a junior at CMU. His involvement with the ensemble has been so successful that the group now also features a choir. The choir is directed by CMU alumna, Amanda Feyen.

The Manistee Community Band and Chamber Choir is comprised of professionals and amateurs of all ages and ability levels. Their summer concert season presents 4 concerts in different locations. The final concert will feature the world premiere of FUSE, a piece composed by CMU student Hannah Costa. FUSE was commissioned by the Ardea Quartet (Madelyn Cole, Ryan Kuchek, Ethan Sutter, and Seth Pelkey - all current CMU students), and will be premiered at the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts on August 16th at 7:30 PM. For more details, visit their Event Page.

A picture of CMU student Ryan Biller conducting the Manistee Community Band.
Ryan Biller (B.M.E.) conducts the Manistee Community Band

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