CMU Violists in Germany

David Manges (B.M.E.), Matthew Palmer (B.M.E.), Leonardo Marchiolli (M.M.) and alumna Ana Tovo (M.M.) recently attended the Saarburg International Music Festival in Germany. They spent two intense weeks having lessons, rehearsing, and performing with other musicians from around the world.

The program is designed as an advanced training program for singers, pianists, and orchestral instrumentalists with an emphasis on individual music enrichment and development. The focal point of the program is chamber music - instrumental music played by a small ensemble with one player to a part. We are proud to be represented in this distinguished festival! Fire Up Chips!

A picture of CMU violists in Germany
From left to right: David Manges, Dr. Alicia Valoti, Leonardo Marchiolli, Ana Tovo, and Matthew Palmer

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