Driving future careers: CMU named center of excellence in process mining

Exploring the significance of process mining in business education

Central Michigan University is named as a center of excellence in process mining by Celonis

What is process mining? Process mining is a way for businesses to utilize internal data to understand how their core business processes function and identify inefficiencies.  

Process mining is the number one most requested skillset by employers in the United States and the second fastest growing academic field.

Central Michigan University College of Business Administration has eight full-time faculty that have trained more than 1,000 students in process mining, a record number via the globally accredited process mining professional certification program since 2021.

An education in process mining provides the perfect blend of business acumen and technical expertise setting students up for a successful career in the future.

Business Information Systems Professor Vishal Shah was recently recognized as Educator of the Year by Celonis for his driving force for implementing process mining education at CMU.

“By integrating data process mining education at CMU, it allows students to have an active wealth of knowledge heading into the careers post-graduation."

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