Ed leadership secures partners

Award supports work to upgrade online degree program

| Author: Jeff Johnston

Central Michigan University has partnered with Texas Tech University and the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching through a Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) partnership award.

The nonmonetary award matches universities with prior recipients of U.S. Department of Education SEED grants to share knowledge.

Texas Tech and NIET will serve as thought partners for CMU’s educational leadership department as it revises its principal preparation program. The partnership runs through fall 2019.

“We will meet for six sessions, where we learn from Texas Tech and share with them our program and plans for redesign, and we then collaborate on the final program design,” said Ben Jankens, chair of CMU’s educational leadership department. “Specifically for CMU, we are working on our Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree and principal preparation program, which is approved by the Michigan Department of Education and also accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.”

Partnership sessions will focus on topics related to embedding fieldwork into coursework, aligning with national standards, training and monitoring mentors, and implementing program revisions.

“This is a great opportunity for CMU to continue advancing on our long history of preparing educators for Michigan and beyond,” Jankens said. “This partnership provides us with lessons learned from other leaders to continue advancing our programs and providing the highest level of service and quality to transform public education.”

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