Fashion grad student researches clothing designed to prevent injuries in elderly women

Kaleigh Slot presents her research at the International Textile & Apparel Association Annual Conference

Fashion, Merchandising, and Design graduate student Kaleigh Slot from Charlotte, Michigan, under the guidance of her faculty advisor Su Kyoung An, presented innovative research at the International Textile & Apparel Association Annual Conference. Titled "Adaptive Clothing for Cushioning the Slips, Trips, and Falls of Elderly Women," delves into the crucial realm of preventing injuries resulting from falls among elderly adults.

Falls are a primary cause of injury in the elderly population, leading to various health issues. While medical alert systems can aid in calling for help post-fall, the injury has already occurred. Slot's research addresses the potential of mitigating these injuries through thoughtful clothing choices. The study explores discreetly padded designs with built-in emergency call devices.

Slot's creative exploration centers on discreetly incorporating padding into tops and bottoms, specifically designed to appeal to elderly women. The primary goal is to cushion the wearer during a fall and integrate a built-in emergency call device.

Functionality is a key aspect of the proposed clothing designs. They include padding to soften falls, comfortable styles suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear, easy access to an emergency contact device, and practical pockets for essential items.

Slot's work opens avenues for further study and development in the realm of adaptive clothing for the elderly, potentially revolutionizing the approach to fall prevention in this demographic.

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