First scooter company approved for operation in Mt. Pleasant

New policy provides guidance for use at CMU

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

As the City of Mount Pleasant welcomes its first rental scooter company to town, Central Michigan University has a new micro-mobility device policy that takes effect May 1, 2023.

The policy, which applies to all personal and professionally owned devices, comes on the heels of a city ordinance, passed in 2022, allowing permitted electronic scooter companies to operate within the Mt. Pleasant city limits.

The first micro-mobility company to be approved for operation by the city, San Francisco-based Spin, recently deployed a fleet of scooters at various locations in Mt. Pleasant – including on CMU’s campus.

Here are answers to some of the most-asked questions regarding the use of scooters and other micro-mobility devices at CMU:

How fast can micro-mobility devices go on campus?

While on sidewalks on the CMU campus, all personal and professionally owned micro-mobility devices must obey a strict 10 mph speed limit. All professionally owned scooters will be programmed to self-limit to a top speed of 10 mph while operating within the campus boundaries.

Where will Spin deploy its scooters?

Spin scooters will be deployed at designated parking locations in Mt. Pleasant and at bicycle racks and designated parking areas around campus.

Where can users park micro-mobility vehicles on campus?

Users must park at bike racks or designated parking corrals on campus; this is true for personally owned and professionally owned devices.

Can I charge my micro-mobility device in my residence hall or office?

No. The charging, storage, possession and or use of micro-mobility devices is prohibited within all university buildings. You should not ride or bring a micro-mobility device into any university building.

Can I ride a micro-mobility device during the workday?

Faculty, staff, and student employees are prohibited from using micro-mobility devices during the course and scope of their employment at CMU.

Where can I learn more about micro-mobility regulations at CMU?

The university’s micro-mobility device policy and pages 34-37 of the CMU Manual of Board of Trustees Policies, Practices and Regulations contain more information and regulations regarding the use of micro-mobility devices at CMU.

If I have a question about Spin scooters, who can I contact?

For questions or concerns related to Spin, contact or (888) 249-9698.

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