Former Fulbright Scholar Joins CMU Faculty

Sergey Soshnikov, Ph.D., joins Public Health Program in the School of Health Sciences and brings international experience

| Author: Hadlee Rinn | Media Contact: Kara Owens

Sergey Soshnikov, Ph.D., joined CMU’s Public Health faculty at the beginning of the 23-24 school year after starting his teaching career in Russia and Uzbekistan. Initially receiving a medical degree, Soshnikov transitioned to Public Health by completing his Ph.D. in 2008 from the Russian Research Institute of Public Health. Since then, Soshnikov has served on various organizations such as agencies of the Ministry of Health, did contract work for the European Office of the World Health Organization, was a tenured professor and head of the international department at Moscow Medical University, and as a postdoc at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Soshnikov has been working at one of the world’s high-ranked Universities, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as a researcher and professor, supervising postgraduate students and teaching them how to organize, plan, and conduct medical research.  Soshnikov left Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, taking his expertise to Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute. 

Soshnikov will continue the research he has focused on for the last 8 years, the global burden of disease (GBD), at CMU.  His main area of research is examining the economic loss due to disease in various countries and the link between risk factors and health, primarily in non-communicable diseases in Central Asia. Soshnikov, who has a strong background in public health, found a perfect match for his skills when a position opened in the Public Health program in the School of Health Sciences. Additionally, he joined a program that had highly experienced and skilled professionals from whom he could learn and grow. 

Soshnikov was a Fulbright Scholar at CMU in 2011 and worked with Professor Carl Lee and the medical department to build mathematical models of diseases. Since his first experience at CMU, Soshnikov has kept in touch with his CMU friends and followed CMU news. 

When Soshnikov joined CMU, he immediately felt at home. The community was welcoming, helpful, and supportive. He was amazed by the strong team of colleagues with whom he had the pleasure of working in a beautiful environment. For him, the university was more than just the buildings; it was the people. Soshnikov found what he was looking for in his career at CMU. 

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