From the classroom to the kitchen: students cooking up delicious innovations

| Author: Jeff Fisher | Media Contact:

On March 15, a unique collaboration occurred at the Allen Foundation Culinary Nutrition Center. CMU students Xiaobai Chen (Applied Statistics), Trang Thuy Nguyen (Chemistry), Wanping Chen (MBA), and Tien Nguyen (Mechanical Engineering, not pictured) joined forces to develop a new food product for the market. This cross-disciplinary teamwork is a hallmark of CMU students' fired-up attitude.

Armed with spatulas and a shared vision, these students turned their classroom knowledge into practical skills in the test kitchen. This hands-on learning experience is vital to CMU's Nutrition and Dietetics program, fostering collaboration and innovation to create the next big culinary sensation.

"The students had a tremendous experience cooking in the test kitchen while contributing their expertise from diverse backgrounds," Dr. Fisher stated.

The newly renovated Allen Foundation Culinary Nutrition Center in Wightman Hall boasts 12 workstations equipped with commercial-style ovens and modern food service equipment. It's a state-of-the-art facility that enhances the learning experience for students in the Nutrition and Dietetics program. The courses offered here include NDS 160 Introduction to Food and Culinary Techniques, NDS 361 Food Science, and a new course offered every fall, NDS 291 Introduction to Wine.

For information about the Allen Foundation Culinary Nutrition Center, please get in touch with the Director, Dr. Jeff Fisher, at To learn more about the Nutrition and Dietetics program and course offerings, please get in touch with program director Dr. Najat Yehia at

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