Graduate student's research demonstrates benefits of civility and spirituality

| Author: Kendall Weishaupt | Media Contact: Kara Owens

Kelvin Uruk Nile King Byrd Ed.D. is a May 2023 graduate of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership. His research centers on college students' relationship with their spirit and mental health and use of spiritual self-care to better themselves in college.

"My research explores the concept that when we are spiritually healthy this increases our mental well-being significantly. Mental well-being and spiritual health are best friends. They are highly compatible.”

Spirituality is defined by Professor Uruk as “the utilization of spiritual principles to protect the human spirit.” This research demonstrates that the human spirit consists of (1) moral and ethical character and personality, (2) intelligence, decency, senses, feelings, and sensibilities, (3) religious principles, and (4) non-religious principles. He found that the human spirit is designed for people to use with decency, morality, and ethics.

The research was conducted through several interviews with one college student. This student went through mental health difficulties in college and used spiritual health to transform his life. Professor Uruk explores how the student uses spiritual self-care to self-regulate during university life and intersectionality. Also, how the student demonstrates the power of spiritual self-care and spiritual redemption in this student. According to Professor Uruk, the definition of spiritual redemption is, “overcoming sub-optimal decisions with optimal spiritual decisions. This helps increase academic, physical, and mental well-being.”

Spiritual self-care is defined by Professor Uruk as “respecting and nurturing the spirit, which can increase happiness.” He wants to invite all of society to embrace spiritual principles, religious or non-religious. These include hope, peace, joy, tenacity, work ethic, fulfillment, excitement, and personal happiness.

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