Hand sanitizing lesson goes worldwide

CMU chemistry and biochemistry faculty member selected by publisher McGraw Hill

| Author: Gary H. Piatek

​Central Michigan University Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty member Brad Fahlman knows how important hands-on activities are to learning and retention.

So when educational publisher McGraw Hill asked him to devise a lesson on the effects of soap versus hand sanitizers in killing the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, he was all in.

In partnership with the American Chemical Society, Fahlman created "The Chemistry of Hand Sanitizer and Soap Active Learning Activity," an interactive lesson that has been distributed to about 20,000 high school and postsecondary chemistry instructors around the world.

"Instructors will use it in their classes to engage their students, to show students how chemistry influences their everyday lives," Fahlman said.

The activity features two video links for the students to watch, then the instructor walks them through the lesson.

Fahlman said the activity would be perfect for Chemistry 265, Chemical Physical Science for Elementary Teachers.

This is not Fahlman's first interaction with McGraw Hill. He is also editor-in-chief of the college-level textbook "Chemistry in Context," ninth and current 10th editions.

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