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Chemistry and Biochemistry

For over 50 years, the hallmark of our accredited undergraduate program has been a faculty-mentored capstone research program, the only one of its kind among Michigan’s 15 public universities, along with our research-focused MS and PhD graduate programs in chemistry, biochemistry, and advanced materials.


Work with chemistry and biochemistry faculty on high impact research where you'll: Design new therapeutic drugs and molecular medicine delivery agents.

  • Improve the performance of lithium ion batteries.
  • Apply sensors and spectroscopy to study the environment.
  • Create innovative chemical tools to fight diseases including tuberculosis.
  • Prepare novel nanomaterials for energy conversion.
  • Enhance the efficiency of waste water treatment to remove toxic metals.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry programs are approved by the American Chemical Society and Accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 

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Chemistry student in a blue lab coat and goggles examining a solution under a vent hood in a chemistry lab.

Undergraduate Capstone Research

Our capstone research program has been the cornerstone of our undergraduate programs for over 50 years.
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