Hey CMU, get ready to jam with Adobe!

| Author: Kari Chrenka

CMU is hosting an Adobe Creative Jam that kicks off on Sept. 14, 2022, as part of the Adobe Creative Campus Initiative. Students in every discipline are welcome and encouraged to participate in this two-week-long challenge designed to help engage the entire campus community with a creative project-based activity that helps expand digital literacy and real-world skills.

Kicking off the event on Sept. 14, participants will attend an Adobe Premiere Rush video software training. Participants will create a 60-second (or less) video for the following two weeks. Registration information and additional details will be announced at the start of the fall semester. Top submissions will be selected and awarded by event judges. 

High-impact, project-based learning helps all students gain various skills, including career readiness, increased confidence, career management, professionalism, digital literacy, oral, visual, and written communication. Faculty can encourage students to participate in Adobe Creative Jam by:  

  • Encouraging students to join the competition and showcase what they've learned. 
  • Integrate a video assignment into your Fall 2022 courses. Download a sample rubric to use for grading purposes.
  • Offer participation in the competition in place of an existing assignment. 
  • Offer students the opportunity to participate in the Jam for extra credit.

This event is sponsored by the Digital Literacy @ CMU Committee, which includes representatives from 11 colleges and departments across campus and Adobe. For questions, contact Ann Kucera.

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