Match Day is cause for celebration at CMU College of Medicine

Soon-to-be graduates look to the future as they receive their residency placements.

| Author: Kelly Belcher | Media Contact: Kelly Belcher

At noon on March 15, anxious medical students across the country tore open their envelopes to discover where they would be working during their residency training, the next step in completing their medical education and pursuing their specialty choices.  Soon-to-be-graduates, their families, friends, faculty and staff from the CMU College of Medicine gathered at the Dow Diamond for this momentous occasion. 

The graduating class of 2024 began medical school in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite the uncertainties and rapidly changing circumstances, these students persevered with confidence and enthusiasm.  They have shown immense dedication and resilience over the last four years.

“Match Day is a significant milestone in a physician’s career,” said George Kikano, M.D., vice president of CMU’s Health Affairs and dean of the College of Medicine.  “Even more joyous than commencement, these dedicated learners have worked hard to reach this moment.  The College shares in their excitement because we know they are moving on to make great advancements in medicine and provide compassionate care to their patients.”

The Class of 2024 achieved an extraordinary 100% match rate, just above the College’s historical match rate of 98% over the past three years.  In keeping with our mission to educate doctors to serve in Michigan communities, 58% of these graduates will enter residency training programs here in the state and 62% will be practicing in primary care.  Over half of the class chose to pursue the disciplines of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, or General Surgery.

Asami Takagi is one of the students entering into the field of Internal Medicine.  Originally from San Jose, California she placed with UC Davis in Sacramento, CA.  Asami is eager to find a specialty where she can contribute meaningfully to patient care and education while continually expanding her knowledge. At CMU she found a tight-knit community and an environment where collaboration thrived.  She says, "I found immense fulfillment in translating complex medical concepts into everyday language for my patients and empowering them to make informed decisions about their health."

Rachel Wall came to the College of Medicine from Minnesota after attending Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula.  She enjoyed the cooperative learning environment and supportive faculty she found at CMU.  Rachel matched with the General Surgery program at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center in Florida.  A former NCAA Division 2 Women's Soccer player, she says "surgery allows me to redirect and utilize the time management, interpersonal communication and teamwork skills I have spent so many years honing on the soccer field."

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