New dropdown navigation will improve how users experience

| Author: Bob Mabbitt

Central Michigan's Digital Strategy Team is rolling out another major enhancement designed to make it easier for users to find information and take actions on The update will be live on Thursday, August 10.

The change introduces dropdown menus from the main, top navigation on all web pages and displays all pages in this section and key related links identified by analytics and assessments of user behavior.

The improved navigation options will reduce the number of clicks needed to access important information, increase user engagement with all CMU content, and ultimately provide more enriching and empowering online experiences for all stakeholders.

Screen shot of homepage featuring new drop-down navigation

User interface/user experience (UI/UX) designer Ashita Nichanametla said a main goal of the initiative is optimizing how users are guided to relevant content located "deeper" within the site architecture. 

“Large websites can be difficult to navigate because of the sheer volume of information and complex site structures,” said Nichanametla. “This new navigation is designed to make browsing more intuitive and information easier to find by providing a clearer structure for the Central Michigan University website.” 

This redesign will also allow greater flexibility and scalability of future projects to advance based on the needs of all users, said Nichanametla.

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