Ph.D. student wins travel award

Distinguished student honor helped pay his way to present work at Denver meeting

| Author: Gary H. Piatek

Neerajan Nepal, a doctoral student in Central Michigan University’s science of advanced materials program, recently received a distinguished student travel award from the Forum of International Physics of the American Physical Society.

The prize supported, in part, his trip to the APS April meeting in Denver. There he presented a talk titled “Beta-Decay Experiment for Rapid Neutron-Capture Process Nucleosynthesis,” which described his recent work measuring the radioactive decay of very unstable isotopes at the RIKEN laboratory in Japan. The award is to recognize outstanding students in any field of physics.

Nepal is in the research group of physics faculty member Alfredo Estrade. He has conducted research on the process that creates heavy elements like gold in stars and is part of an international collaboration researching the radioactive decay of neutron-rich isotopes.

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