Applying to the SAM program

If you are interested in applying for the SAM program, please keep in mind the following guidelines for the admissions process.

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    Students with a master's degree in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, geology, engineering, mathematics or other relevant areas of science will be considered for admission. You must be admitted to the CMU College of Graduate Studies and the SAM program.
    Three (3) letters of recommendation from faculty who know your work.

    Transcripts of previous undergraduate and graduate studies, GRE scores, a statement of research interests and letters of recommendation will be used in evaluating candidates for admission. All materials must be submitted for your application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications are not likely to be competitive in the admissions review.

    Relevant graduate coursework taken previously may be counted toward meeting some of the program requirements. A completed M.S. thesis on a materials-related topic may be counted toward the directed research credits required for the SAM Ph.D.

    Applications are considered throughout the year, but primarily for Fall semester admission. Submit all materials by Feb. 1 for consideration for Fall admission. Please follow the steps outlined on this page to make sure your application is competitive. The SAM program admission is rigorous and only a few students enter the program each year.

    First, contact a faculty member you’d like to work with. Your application must be sponsored by a participating faculty member who is willing to take you into his or her research program.

    Next, complete all forms and required materials. Application forms are available via Graduate Admissions. All of the following materials must be submitted:

    - CMU graduate application;
    - Official transcripts for any B.S. and M.S. degree
    - Official GRE scores, general test only (CMU institutional code is 1106; no separate program code);
    - A personal statement outlining your interest in the SAM program, identifying the faculty mentor with whom you've already been in contact, and describing your prior research experiences and how they will contribute to your future success;
    - Three (3) letters of recommendation (may be submitted to by those providing the recommendation)
    - CV/Resume;
    - International students must provide evidence of English proficiency (CMU institutional code is 1106)

    Students in the SAM program are supported primarily through research assistantships (RA). No separate application is required for RA support. Research Assistantships are provided through grants held by faculty or through the SAM program and will be assigned to students on their admission into the program.

    Teaching assistantships (TA) are awarded through the departments and have a separate application process.  Your advisor will provide more information on the application for a TA if needed.

    Applicants holding industry positions may wish to pursue part time studies in the SAM program with funding provided through their positions.  Please indicate this on the application and identify a CMU faculty advisor for your work.​

    No separate assistantship application is required. You will be considered for support as part of our admissions process.

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