President Davies' statement on ICE guidance for international students

| Author: Heather Smith

The following statement is in response to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's announcement regarding modifications to temporary exemptions for nonimmigrant students taking online classes this fall semester due to the pandemic.‚Äč

At Central Michigan University, we are fully committed to serving our international students. As we plan to return to campus this fall for a hybrid of in-person and remote learning classes, we look forward to welcoming them to campus next month and will continue to support them while remaining in compliance with federal regulations.

International students provide enhanced learning opportunities for our student body in terms of cultural awareness, intercultural interactions, and diversity of ideas and thoughts in and out of the classroom. We live in a global society, so enhancing opportunities for both domestic and international students benefits our entire campus community.

We will continue to study the impact of the modifications announced by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program this week to identify a path forward that allows us to continue serving our international student population, and we will advocate and lobby for policy that will enable them to continue their education during these unprecedented times.

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