Psychology of a perfect match

Five CMU doctoral psychology students match for competitive internships

| Author: Ari Harris

Five doctoral students from Central Michigan University have successfully matched for postdoctoral psychology internships. These placements are highly competitive, said Reid Skeel, director of clinical training for the psychology department.

“Psychology internships represent the culmination of training for our doctoral students. Interns compete nationally for the yearlong internships that require 2,000 hours of training. Our students matched at sites that historically accept between 5 and 10 percent of applicants,” Skeel said.

The following doctoral students matched for placement in these sites:

Heidi Putney, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology — Western State Hospital in Tacoma, Washington.

Casey Roca, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology — Wisconsin Department of Corrections in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sarah Brenner, Ph.D. in School Psychology — Nebraska Internship Consortium, Munroe-Meyer Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Shanti Brown, Ph.D. in School Psychology — Tennessee Internship Consortium in Loudon, Tennessee.

Jacob Brushaber-Drockton, Ph.D. in School Psychology — The Children’s Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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