School of Music faculty member publishes groundbreaking research at top psychology journal

| Author: Matheus Garcia Souza | Media Contact:

Central Michigan University's School of Music faculty member, Dr. Alan Gumm, has made waves in the field of psychology with his recent publication in Frontiers in Psychology, the leading journal in the field. His article, invited by a team of international scholars, is part of the Motivation in Learning and Performance in the Arts and Sports special topics section.

Dr. Gumm's publication offers a comprehensive review of over 30 years of research on his theories of music teaching and conducting. These theories, regarded as the most extensive explanations in their field, have been implemented worldwide and remain influential in music education.

A picture of Central Michigan University faculty member Alan Gumm
Dr. Alan Gumm

The research detailed in the article sheds light on the effectiveness of various teaching and conducting approaches in motivating learners. Dr. Gumm's work distinguishes between controlling approaches, which focus on extrinsic motivation, and control-sharing and control-releasing approaches, which aim to foster intrinsic motivation.

Among the conclusions drawn from the research is the recognition that music education encompasses more than merely following a teacher or director's lead. Dr. Gumm emphasizes the importance of deeper, musician-oriented teaching and conducting practices, which can develop over time or with advanced training.

Furthermore, the research highlights the significance of drawing attention to specific forms of learning in fostering motivation. Dr. Gumm asserts that whatever is motivated to attention also shapes the philosophy of music education.

In reflecting on his publication, Dr. Gumm expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent Central Michigan University and the School of Music on an international stage. His work underscores CMU's commitment to excellence in music education and its impact on the broader academic community.

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